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          2018 two day tour of the company's staff in Ningguo


          In March 17th, the company arranged for the staff to come to the beautiful Xuancheng Ningguo. The first scenic spot of our visit was the Xia Lin scenic spot. Here we looked at the wonders of Mount Huangshan, the beautiful scenery of West Lake in the south, the countless holes in the Qi peak in the territory, the steep canyons, the waterfall springs, Noto Furuki, the song of bamboo sea and the Songtao. The unique scenery of the waterfall, the God pond, the deep stream, the strange rock and the dangerous gorge make us linger on.

          2018 two day tour of the company's staff in Ningguo

          On the second day, after visiting the ancient street of water east, the company came to third scenic spots: the Longquan cave, the Longquan cave, a famous scenic spot in southern Anhui. When we look at the wonderful scenery and find ancient poetry, we still have a lot to say.

          2018 two day tour of the company's staff in Ningguo

          Ningguo two day tour, let employees temporarily from the busy work liberated, relaxed spirit, the company's collective activities reflect the love of the leadership of our staff, and enhance the feelings of our staff and team cohesion. After coming back, we should devote ourselves to the next work with great enthusiasm.