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          2018 annual meeting of the company


          In order to thank the staff for a year's hard work, in January 27, 2018, the company held "thank you all the way" for the annual meeting of the employees in 2018. Under the plan of our "general director" Wang Shirong, this year's annual meeting is happy and laughable, the songs, the joyful games, the dancing, and the burst of laughter, of course, of course, of course. We are expected to be the most carefully prepared prizes for everyone, the happy award, the three prize to the special prize. Every draw makes the atmosphere of the annual meeting boil up. The staff who draw the prize will be happy and return. The staff who have not drawn the prize also have a comfort prize. The annual meeting made us all have a happy and unforgettable year. The night.

          2018 annual meeting of the company